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Money Matters - Scholarships, Grants, Loans, Savings Page

Money Matters


The Free Scholarship Search and Information Service


Search over 5,000 programs.

Scam section that includes advice on how to avoid being taken advantage of in a scam!


Wired Scholar

Web site from Sallie Mae has step by step instructions.

Charts that allow you to compare features of various federal loan programs at a glance.

The "Award Analyzer" lets you compare financial aid packages from each school that accepts you. 



Award winning site!!

The most comprehensive online clearinghouse on funding a college education. Loans, scholarships, military aid, and many more. 


eStudent Loan

Free Service- search for both private and government loan programs 

College Savings Plans Network

Information about 529 College Savings Plans - 529 refers to the IRS code that authorizes them 


College Is Possible

Very forthcoming about the true advantages and disadvantages of taking out loans and other ways of funding an education. 


Adventures In Education

Sponsored by the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation 

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