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6th Grade Electives Selection

6th Graders will have two of the following electives:




This basic drawing course includes the design elements of line, shape, value, form, color and texture. Painting and printing projects will be included. The students are encouraged to constantly improve their abilities. The students will be expected to apply themselves in all assigned work in order to pass the course.


Beginning Band

(Level 1) This elective is intended for students interested in playing and performing on musical instruments with little or no prior knowledge. Instrument selection will be determined by the director with the interest of the student in mind. Band involves a few concerts during the school year. The students are responsible for arranging their own transportation.


Beginning Choir

This elective is intended for students interested in performing with a vocal/choral group with little or no prior music knowledge necessary. Students will have opportunities to perform in scheduled concerts and events and may occasionally have scheduled after school events. Students will learn to read music and will perform music from a variety of styles with the choir.


Theater Arts

The focus of this course is on the basics of Theater performance, history, technology, and etiquette. Students will be responsible for creating characterizations through performance as well as learning about the components of Theater through book work. All class participants will be encouraged to attend local theater performances.


Cougar U

Students have the opportunity to work in the Cougar U class to keep up with class assignments, homework, and study skills.


(Students not meeting the passing standard on the STAAR tests will have a Target Intervention class in place of an elective.)