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7th Grade Electives Selection

7th Graders will have two of the following electives:




This course is for both boys and girls who are interested in competitive sports. Athletics involves practice either before or after school depending on which sports the students participate in.  There is usually at least one game scheduled per week either after school or in the evening. The students are responsible for providing their own transportation after practices and games. Athletics requires students to participate in sports throughout the year or students will be subject to removal from the class. Students participating in Athletics must have a physical dated no earlier than May of the upcoming school year and completed the CCISD UIL paperwork found on the CCISD web site. Physical and UIL paperwork need to be turned in to the CCHS annex prior to the first day of school. Sports available are: Football, Volleyball, Cross-country, basketball, power lifting, golf, tennis, and track.



This basic drawing course includes the design elements of line, shape, value, form, color and texture. Painting, printing, and ceramic projects will be included. The students are encouraged to constantly improve their abilities. The students will be expected to apply themselves in all assigned work in order to pass the course.



Students will be placed in one of three 7th Grade Choir classes based on previous choir experiences. Choir students have opportunities to perform in scheduled concerts, UIL contests, and events and will occasionally be involved in after school scheduled rehearsals. Students will learn to read music with a choral ensemble and will sing music from a variety of styles.


Beginning Band

(level I) This elective is intended for students interested in playing and performing on musical instruments with little or no prior knowledge. Seventh and Eighth graders who have not been in band previously can be in the beginning band. Instrument selection will be determined by the director with the interest of the student in mind. Band involves a few concerts during the year. The students are responsible for arranging their own transportation.


Advanced Band

(level II, III, and IV) This UIL (University Interscholastic League) elective is intended for students with at least one year of band experience. Students will be placed in an ensemble based on their ability as assessed by the directors. This yearlong course will introduce “comprehensive musicianship” through music performance of challenging and varied literature. Skills and concepts from the previous year are developed and expanded upon in a mixed ensemble setting. Students in the Advanced Bands will perform at least three concerts a year. Individual growth and achievement are encouraged through participation in adjudicated solo and ensemble contests, honor bands, and private lessons.


German/ Spanish

(1 high school credit): Level 1 stresses the acquisition of vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation necessary to comprehend and communicate at the “beginner level”. Instruction will cover all five domains: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Culture. Active participation and culturally relevant projects are required both semesters. If the student fails the second semester of a foreign language it is highly recommended that the student repeats the entire year. Partial state credit may not be awarded for this course. The student must earn 1 full credit in order to receive any state credit.


Principles Of Human Services

(1 high school credit): This course will enable students to investigate careers in the human services career cluster including: counseling and mental health, early childhood development, family community, and personal care services. During the course students will learn and develop the personal characteristics for success in high-skill, high-wage, or high-demand careers.


Student Aide

Students help the school run smoothly. Students are assigned to assist in the Front Office, the Counselors’ Office, Band, classrooms or Library. Students who are chosen for these positions must be academically and personally responsible, dependable, and cooperative.


Cougar News

Class is designed to give students hands-on and real world opportunities in television and web production and broadcast. Through a variety of production experiences students will learn the power of the media, examine issues of fairness and objectivity, gain an overall understanding of news gathering techniques, make critical thinking decisions on a regular basis, exercise creativity, understand and explore the process of pre and post video production, develop effective collaboration and shared leadership skills. 



Students have the opportunity to learn about photography and how yearbooks are created. Students will learn to upload photos to the computer and create pages based on the Yearbook theme.  Students interested in this class will need to complete an application and receive a teacher recommendation.  Students will be required to attend functions outside of the normal school day at various locations in Copperas Cove. Students are responsible for arranging their transportation.  Students must also maintain good academic standing.


Cougar U

Students have the opportunity to work in the Cougar U class to keep up with class assignments, homework, and study skills.


Theatre Arts

This course focuses on the basics of Theater performance, history, technology, and etiquette. Students will be responsible for creating characterizations through performance as well as learning about the components of Theater through book work. All class participants will be encouraged to attend local theater performances.


(Students not meeting the passing standard on the STAAR tests will have a Target Intervention class instead of an elective.)