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Yes, your child can access a school counselor. The best way for your child to access their counselor is by using their Schoology account to message their counselor. Counselors will attempt to answer questions on Schoology. If the answer could be best explained through a phone call, the counselor will call the student.

S.C. Lee counselors divide students by the first letter of a student’s last name. Counselors do not divide students by the grade they are in.

Students with the first letter of last name A-K – Mrs. Trimm

Students with the first letter of last name L-Z– Ms. Lovett

Yes, a student can contact a school counselor about personal issues by sending their respective counselor, a message on Schoology. The counselor will contact students within 24-48 hours.

Students should include their first and last name, grade, student ID number, the name of the teacher (if it is a teacher concern), and a statement about the issue they are concerned about. If the statement includes information about other students, please include that student’s first and last name..

All students (to include at-home learners) may request a schedule change by contacting the correct counselor mentioned in question #2 according to the beginning letter of the students’ last name. It is best to send a detailed message via e-mail explaining which class to add, and which class to remove. *Note: Schedule changes are only given for academic reasons.

You can contact your student’s counselor by messaging them on Schoology, by sending them an email, or by calling the campus. Mrs. Trimm: Ms. Lovett:

(254) 542-7877

At-home learners can get support in numerous ways. A student can correspond with a counselor via Schoology messages. A student can email their counselor. A student can schedule a time to speak with a counselor by telephone. A student can also make an appointment to come into the office to speak with a counselor.

504 meetings can be held in person, or through a phone conference. Annual reviews will be held on an as needed bases and 3-year Re- evaluations will be held based on the student’s qualification date.

Counselors will respond to students and parents during school hours within 24-48 hours.

If you believe your at-home learner might qualify for 504 services, you should contact your student’s counselor. The school counselor will walk you through the steps.