Cellular Policy


The campus assumes no responsibility for student cell phones that are lost, damaged, or stolen. All cell phones (and any other prohibited electronic devices) are to be turned off and stored in the student’s locker for the duration of the school day. Students are prohibited from displaying, activating, text messaging, photographing, and/or using cell phones from the time they arrive on campus property in the morning until they have exited the school building after dismissal. Students in possession of a cell phone will be issued consequences. 

Students engaged in any of the stated prohibited activities, will have their phones confiscated and turned into the office. The phone will be returned to the parent and will be subject to a $15 fine. Students violating the cell phone policy who refuse to store their phone or give their phone to a staff member upon request will be considered insubordinate and will be written an office referral. Students are allowed to use their cell phones at school sponsored activities, but the school reserves the right to request that all devices be turned off during performances.