CCISD Junior High School STEM Academies

Our Goal

  • The goal of the STEM Academy is to support a diverse learning community based on common interests.

  • The STEM Academy supports students in learning about possible STEM careers.

  • The STEM Academy prepares student for college course work.

  • The STEM Academy supports future - ready citizens of the 21st century.

Strategies for STEM Success

  • Provide a coordinated approachto STEM Education programmingfor all students.

  • Expand opportunities for studentsto enter STEM pathways thatvertically align to postsecondaryprograms.

  • Increase the number of STEMpathways leading to STEMendorsement.

  • Increase access and opportunitiesfor students to participate incareer awareness, exploration,and work-based learningexperiences aligned to STEMoccupation.

  • Embed STEM Fluency Skills anddesign challenges into coreacademic classes so all studentswill have the opportunity to learnSTEM integrated thinking.

About the Academy

The STEM Academy is a FREE college - preparatory program located at both junior highs (Copperas Cove Junior High and SC Lee Junior High). The academy is for sixth through eight graders who are interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 

Example STEM Pathways

6th Grade

  • Advanced Physical Science

  • Advanced Math 6th

  • Advanced English 6th

  • Advanced World history

  • Physical Education

  • Art

  • Elective

  • Elective

7th Grade

  • Advanced Life Science

  • Pre-Algebra

  • Advanced English 7th 

  • Advanced Texas History

  • Computer Science

  • Foreign Language

  • Elective

  • Elective

8th Grade

  • Advanced Science

  • Algebra 1

  • Advanced English 8th

  • Foreign Language 2

  • Elective

  • Advanced US History

  • Gateway

  • Elective